About Us

logoID2015The Office of Instructional Design provides resources to faculty who want to integrate technology in teaching and learning for face-to-face, blended and online courses.  This is accomplished through guided instruction via one-on-one meetings, group workshops, and online training on pedagogical as well as technical issues.


Specific departmental goals include:

  1. Facilitate discussion on campus on the use of technology for teaching and learning through technology-themed events such as workshops, seminars and showcases.131121_hamerman_1246
  2. Work with faculty, administration, staff and students to establish policies and procedures for blended and online course offerings that emphasize quality and utilize best practices.
  3. Collaborate with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to develop opportunities for faculty development.
  4. Provide an opportunity for testing new technologies as they become available (fostering innovation).
  5. Troubleshooting technical problems for faculty with phone, email and walk-in support.
  6. Create student web resources to enhance their experience in all classes utilizing technology tools.
  7. Offer optional course templates with a variety of standard features that can be customized by individual faculty members.


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